The Wildlife Gallery   - Featuring the photography of Stuart Marcus
Stuart is a native Floridian, born in 1951 in Miami, Florida. He attended Miami Sr. High School and the University of South Florida. He is married, has two adult children, and three grand children. He currently resides in Dade City, Florida.
Stuart spent 18 years with the Tampa Fire Department. He retired in 1991 when he broke a vertebra in his back while fighting a multi-alarm fire at Hookers Point.
Over the years, he has designed and constructed custom furniture, founded three companies that are still in operation and the first of which, Sound Connections International, is over 30 years old.
Stuart’s involvement in the local arts scene dates back to the original Alice People’s Theater Company, where he served as company manager until grants could be secured to hire a full time professional manager.
He opened The Wildlife Gallery in Lutz in 2005 and recently has relocated it inside of The Dade City Center For The Art’s High Brow Art Gallery. Stuart’s photographs have been sold to private collectors worldwide, used by the U.S. Park Service, The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the North Pacific Research Board, many eco-tourism companies, and published in over twenty magazines.
Stuart has traveled to all seven continents in pursuit of wildlife. The guiding principle of his work is to capture the natural behavior wildlife with as little impact on the animals and their environment as possible.
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